UE4 Adaptation: Neo Narshe (WIP, 70%)

As a gamer whose teeth were cut on NES, SNES, and DOS classics, one of my favorite design activities is to modernize those experiences into modern-gen adaptations. So, in a trial of content-stretching, I am attempting to use Unreal Engine 4's Soul: City as the primary package in a re-imagining of Final Fantasy 6's (3 for SNES) Narshe.

I attempted a Narshe adaptation many years ago in Unreal 3 using the engine's native Unreal Tournament meshes as well as some of my own art assets via 3DS Max. Ultimately, it proved a fruitless endeavor given Narshe's particular Tudor-style architecture and general steampunkiness, and my inexperience at the time. Thanks to Epic's new Unreal Marketplace, a dearth of particular assets is largely a thing of the past - albeit for a price.

I am foregoing purchasable medieval / Victorian building assets and attempting recreating Narshe using mainly Soul: City and a handful of Infinity Blade assets. That said, because Soul: City is cyberpunk-themed, Korean-inspired set, my adaptation will be set about 100 years after the events of Final Fantasy 3. Also, becasue steampunk can be seen as an ancestor of cyberpunk, the combination of genres seems like an interesting challenge that could yield some beautiful results. Most notably, the project is providing me quick crash courses in UE4's materials, particle systems, vertex painting, landscape editing, blueprints, and so on.

Asset Packages (All free on Marketplace)

  • Soul City - architecture, signs, metalwork, piping, materials

  • Infinity Blade Fire Lands - gears, materials

  • Infinity Blade Ice Lands - rocks, props, trees, materials

  • GT Free Materials

  • Starter Content

Particle Emitters (Handmade)

  • Snowfall

  • Smoke (chimneys)

  • Sparks

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