Ship & Facility Design - ORG

ORG is a project I've been working on alongside several industry vets for a few years. Game creator Geoff Tuffli sums the game up best:

"ORG is a persistent F2P (with optional microtransactions) OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android SF strategy game currently in development by Jubal Online Games.

Players each run an organization consisting of ships, facilities and individual agents who are assigned to a wide array of tasks with the aim of advancing the player's influence and stranglehold over the political landscape of our own 25th century solar system."

As with any grassroots project contributor, I wear more than a few hats including 3D ship and facility artist and content designer. My mission designs aren't easily showcased, so please enjoy some of my glorious texture-less WIP ships and stations. Updates will follow in time.

Commercial Freighter

Prisoner Transport


Frigate - Calypso Class

Commercial Hangar

Orbital Stations


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