Paragon Studios welcomed me as World Designer, which for me was huge. Not only did I love the game, like so many, but I was able to do what I love most - building playspaces and bringing them to life with encounters and events. And though my stint was short-lived (the studio shuttered only a year after I joined), I'd like to think the impact made between the game and I were made in equal measure.

After about a month of learning the ropes via populating some of the game's older zones with fresh spawndefs (population clusters), I joined one of City of Heroes' two strike teams. At Paragon, strike teams each headed up a Issue (content release). When one team was in preproduction for their Issue, the other was nearing polish. Strike teams were each comprised of a dedicated Lead Designer, Content Designer, World Designer, Environment Artist(s), Programmer, QA, and a team Producer. This system was an effective one, and one I would miss during my time at Gazillion.

Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie

For Where Shadows Lie, I owned the population of the zone Night Ward. This included spawndef encounters & NPCs, their behaviors, their dialogue, Hub designs, and zone events. I wanted to ensure my population placements and the behaviors of the entities therein helped to drive the narrative of the region above all else - and I had plenty of fun content with which to work.


Night Ward's denizens included undead ushers of spirits in Victorian bobby attire called "Drudges", living spells of fire, ice, lightning, and heal called "Animus Arcana", and ambient (non-aggressive) spirits of former denizens of Paragon City to name a few. 



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